About Us

Professional development (PD) is a direct attempt to improve the quality of instruction for teachers already in the classroom. Traditional PD tends to be delivered as a one-size-fits-all approach that overlooks the specific needs of individual teachers. In contrast, the Practice-Driven PD Study project seeks to develop a personalized, scalable PD approach that centers on and builds from algebra teachers’ practices and individual strengths.

This project seeks to understand not only how teachers’ participation in PD might impact their practice and their students’ learning, but also the extent to which this impact is sustained. Through the use of video and other multimedia, our goal is to nudge on teachers’ existing instructional practice by offering small, bite-sized instructional actions that that are tailored to teachers’ existing practice, can be readily adopted, and are easily accessible. We term these instructional actions, high-uptake practices.

This work is led by three principal investigators (Dr. Zandra de Araujo, Dr. Samuel Otten, Dr. Amber G. Candela) and one postdoctoral research associate (Dr. F. Paul Wonsavage) across three higher education institutions.

This work is supported by the National Science Foundation (award #2206774).