Practice-Driven Professional Development (PDPD)

Teaching is not one-size-fits-all, neither is professional development.

Pick what you want to work on, on your time, whenever it’s convenient for you

The Practice-Driven PD project GOALS

Designing and implementing high-quality, practice-driven professional development

  • Honor teachers’ current practice
  • Focus on instructional nudges that are high-uptake
  • Provide teachers flexibility and choice
  • Design for implementation at scale

Carrying out a rigorous research program

  • Understand the impact of the PD on teachers’ instructional practice
  • Understand the impact of teachers’ participation in the PD on student learning outcomes and engagement


  • The general public
  • K-12 mathematics teachers, schools, administrators
  • Teacher educators and professional developers
  • Mathematics education researchers

Practice-Driven PD involves explicit, incremental, high-uptake teaching actions delivered in formats aligned with teachers’ information consumption and current teaching practices.

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